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JSC expresses displeasure over President Ruto’s remarks

The Judicial Service Commission on Wednesday expressed displeasure over remarks by President William Ruto to the effect that the judiciary has been taken captive by some corrupt individuals who are allegedly working in cahoots with compromised judicial officers.

In a statement signed by its chairperson and Chief Justice Martha Koome, the commission defended the judiciary against claims that some of its members are sabotaging the government’s development agenda.

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“The JSC said it noted with concern that honourable Judges and Judicial Officers have been subjected to public criticism and vilification for issuing court orders that are perceived to be against State programmes and policies,” said JSC

Koome maintains that the Judiciary should live up to the constitutional edict, that safeguards the exercise of judicial authority.

“The JSC wishes to reaffirm the independence and integrity of the Judiciary as a co-equal arm of government, as enshrined in the Constitution and urges all Judges and Judicial Officers to continue performing their judicial duties without fear or favour,” noted Koome

Koome further stressed that if, indeed, the head of state and anyone in Kenya Kwanza administration has misgivings about a particular judge or member of the bench, they should follow due process to raise the complaint and action will be taken against them.

“The JSC encourages anyone with information on any act that threatens the integrity of judicial processes and outcomes to report any such cases to the JSC for determinate action,” she said

Koome assured Kenyans that any allegations or complaints of misconduct or corruption by any Judge or Judicial Officer will be dealt with firmly and swiftly in accordance with the Constitution.

“The JSC has a proven record of taking action against any judicial officer who is found to have breached the Judicial Code of Conduct and Ethics or engaged in corrupt practices,” she said

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