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Jubilee Health Insurance unveils “Always With You” Program to enhance healthcare access, convenience


Jubilee Health Insurance has announced the launch of its new value proposition, the “Always With You” program, aimed at making healthcare more accessible and convenient for its customers.

The program seeks to deliver personalized care options that provide essential medical services with ease and efficiency.

The “Always With You” program, available to all Jubilee Health Insurance customers, comprises a wide range of services, including scheduled doctor consultations, pharmacy teleconsultations, drug delivery, as well as ambulance and evacuation services.

The initiative will also facilitate in-person doctor consultations by connecting individuals with family physicians for direct medical care.

The program further offers home-based care coordination for families that require continuous care from healthcare professionals.

Additionally, customers will be able to visit their local pharmacy branch for a teleconsultation with a doctor, ensuring they receive the medical attention they need without added hassle.

To further improve the customer experience, the “Always With You” program will allow the scheduling of services for lab test appointments, reducing the time spent waiting in hospitals.

Customers will also receive drug delivery services and expedited access to ambulance and evacuation services.

Jubilee Health Insurance CEO Njeri Jomo reaffirmed the company’s commitment to addressing barriers that often hinder access to healthcare services.

“There are many touchpoints when it comes to accessing care, from consulting with a doctor to managing aftercare services. This process can sometimes be daunting for many individuals. This is why Jubilee Health Insurance continues to innovate around how customers access care,” said Njeri.

“The “Always With You” program is designed to bring healthcare services closer to the people, ensuring they never have to face any health challenge alone,” she added.

The Director of Marketing and Business Development at Aga Khan University Hospital, Pauline Ngatia, highlighted the partnership’s potential to enhance home-based care services.

“Our goal is to provide world-class care, here and now. Our partnership with Jubilee Health Insurance will enable us to offer enhanced home-based care services, ensuring that our patients receive the best possible medical attention in the comfort of their homes,” she stated.

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