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Jubilee Insurance announces partnership with Kenya Music Festival

Jubilee Life Insurance has announced it will sponsor this year’s Kenya Music Festival.

Organized annually under the Ministry of Education, the Kenya Music Festival is a platform that identifies and nurtures artistic talents in music, dance and elocution.

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This year’s theme, ‘Talent Development For Growth of the Creative Economy’, echoes Jubilee Life Insurance’s dedication to nurture children’s artistic gifts and talents.

Creative arts play a pivotal role in fostering holistic development, encompassing a child’s physical, emotional, cognitive and social aspects.

The various forms of artistic expression such as music, visual arts and drama stimulates imagination, critical thinking and self-expression.

Moreso, it promotes social interaction while serving as a catalyst for personal growth for children across diverse age groups.

While commenting about the sponsorship, Jubilee Life Insurance Chief Distribution Officer Kanyingi Kagucia noted that the company is dedicated to champion the cause of creative arts among children and stakeholders in the education sector.

“We believe that fostering artistic expression is a fundamental aspect of education, personal development and socio-economic progress. Our partnership with Kenya Music Festival will not only enable us to advocate for art on a national scale but also empower children to explore, innovate and thrive in the melodic world of music,” said Kanyingi.

Kenya Music Festival Chairman Professor Ngala noted that performing arts will contribute to the country’s development through promotion of cultural and creative industries. He called on individuals and organizations to support creativity and innovation in the education sector.

“Performing Art enriches the cultural fabric of a nation by providing a platform for artistic expression while fostering a sense of identity and belonging. We are delighted to see companies such as Jubilee Life Insurance reinforce the importance of nurturing creativity and talent among our children. Their support will enhance the quality of education and enrich the cultural fabric of our nation,” said Professor Ngala.

Through this sponsorship, Jubilee Life Insurance aims to celebrate the vibrant talent within Kenya while promoting the economic opportunities inherent in the creative sector. The company believes that supporting events like Kenya Music Festival will not only showcase artistic excellence but also accelerate sustainable development and prosperity for the economy and our nation.

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