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Judgment in Monicah Kimani murder adjourned yet again

Photo by Ruth Wamboi

Judgment in the case against former TV anchor Jacque Maribe and her ex-fiancée Joseph Irungu over the murder of businesswoman Monicah Kimani will now be delivered on March 15 this year.

Justice Grace Nzioka, who had travelled from Naivasha to Nairobi to deliver the ruling, deferred the decision after she was informed that one of the accused, Jacque Maribe, was unwell and in hospital. Her co-accused Joseph Irungu alias Jowie was already in court.

Her lawyer, Katwa Kigen, had sought to have the court give his client seven days to recover. While fixing the new date, the judge ordered that medical document for Maribe be tabled in court as evidence.

The two are accused of playing a role in the murder of Monicah, who was killed five years ago in her Lamuria garden apartment in Kilimanai area on September 19 2018 shortly after arriving from South Sudan.

The duo was charged for her murder a month later on 15th October 2018 with the court putting them on the defence after it determined that they had a case to answer.

High Court Judge Grace Nzioka failed to deliver the judgment last month, further postponing delivery of her pronouncement which was initially scheduled for October 6th 2023, after she fell ill.

During the trial, the prosecution presented 35 witnesses who testified against both defendants.



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