Judiciary an impediment to graft war says former CJ Mutunga

Former Chief Justice Dr Willy Mutunga has criticized the judiciary for allegedly failing the country in the war against graft.

Mutunga says many Kenyans have lost faith in the justice system to fight corruption and be a fair arbiter forcing them to seek services outside the legal framework.

He painted a grim picture saying that a paltry 5% of Kenyans use court system to get justice with the remaining 95% choosing to seek justice outside the courts.“Most Kenyans now prefer to go to the elders and other community leaders to seek arbitration in issues affecting them on daily basis”, Mutunga says.

Dr. Mutunga who was speaking during the fight inequality press briefing said that graft is now one of the things contributing to inequality and which affects majority of Kenyans.

“There are judicial elites in Kenya who to some extend influence the judicial processes which in turn impacts on the way judgments are delivered”, He added.

This in effect has turned away poor Kenyans against seeking justice in the courts because of monies and bribes involved.

He says that judiciary cannot be rid of corruption as long as the other arms of Government including executive and legislature are heavily tainted with the vice.

He says the wealthy Kenyans always had their way in the corridors of justice with the poor being the victims of criminal justice.

This comes at a time when the Fight Inequality Alliance Kenya in collaboration with Oxfam Kenya is calling on the Government to fight inequalities that have manifested in poor healthcare, education system and infrastructure.

Njoki Njehu the Fight Inequality Alliance Pan Africa Coordinator submitted, that, one in five people in the country routinely experience hunger and the inability to access food.

She says that life for most Kenyans is hard and levels of poverty similar to those found in far poorer African countries.

The reason for this inequality is the growing gap between rich and poor with a huge amount of country’s wealth concentrated in just a few hands.

“The 8300 richest people in Kenya have the same wealth as the rest of the population of 51 million people”, Njehu said.

Jenny Ricks the Global convener of Fight Inequality Alliance says inequality week will see over 30 countries participate in the awareness all over the globe.

She added that it is quite unfortunate that the wealth of the world’s 2,208 billionaires in US Dollars is five times the Gross Domestic Product-GDP of the entire African continent.

She argues that it is time for individual people in the Kenyan and African communities to come out and be at the forefront in the fight against inequality.

Her argument was supported by Dr.Mutunga who submitted that the barons and the political class have continued to shape certain political narratives which have seen fight against inequality being put at the back banner by the Kenyan media houses.

He made a clarion call on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration to reach out to the marginalized groups who are heavily affected by the inequalities.

The fight against inequality will be rolled out this week in Nairobi and across the globe.







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