Judiciary rolls out online system for far-flung areas

The Judiciary has rolled out an online system to hear and determine High Court cases in North Eastern region as it moves to address the challenge of case backlog in far-flung areas.

The system that was recommended by the Chief Justice David Maraga, in an effort to hasten the wheels of justice, will see residents in far flung areas such as Mandera and Wajir have their cases handled in their areas of without having to travel to the Garissa High Court.

Speaking during the release of eight inmates at the Mandera G.K prison among them Somali nationals as part of ongoing efforts to decongest correctional centres, Justice Charles Kariuki said the move will give courts an opportunity to identify cases that have delayed for long and needed to be heard and determined.

Those who were released from prison had served for three to five years and had qualified for clemency after the probation officer gave them a clean bill of health.


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