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Jurgen Klopp wants Tottenham-Liverpool replay after VAR error

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp wants the Premier League game against Tottenham to be replayed after Luis Diaz’s goal was wrongly disallowed by the video assistant referee.

VAR Darren England and assistant Dan Cook did not overrule when Diaz was flagged offside at 0-0 on Saturday.

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Liverpool lost 2-1 thanks to a 96th-minute own goal from Joel Matip.

“Something like this never happened, so that is why I think a replay is the right thing to do,” said Klopp.

Referees’ body PGMOL released the audio discussions between the match officials over the offside on Tuesday.

In the audio, England says the check is “perfect” before swearing when he realises a mistake has been made.

Klopp said: “The audio didn’t change it at all. It is an obvious mistake. There should be solutions for that. The outcome should be a replay. But it probably won’t happen.

“The argument against that would be it opens the gates. It is unprecedented. I’m used to wrong and difficult decisions, but something like this never happened.”

After releasing the audio, PGMOL said the error was a result of a “lapse of concentration and loss of focus”.

The controversy has prompted a debate about the use and efficacy of VAR.

There is no precedent in the UK for a result to be changed or a game to be replayed because of a refereeing error.

A 1999 FA Cup third-round tie was played again after Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger offered Sheffield United a replay following a controversial winning goal in the first game.

The officials involved in the match at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium have not been selected for this weekend’s Premier League games, with England and Cook stood down for the rest of last weekend.


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