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Kagumo town gets facelift in Waiguru’s cabro project

Kagumo town in Kirinyaga County has gotten a facelift in an initiative by Governor Anne Waiguru to install cabro pavement in towns around the county.

The cabro project covering 10,000 square meters in the bustling town located in Kirinyaga Central Constituency has not only improved the town’s aesthetics but has also addressed perennial discomfort that traders and town dwellers have had to cope with.

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The initiative, accomplished within the last three months, has been hailed by the area residents as one of most progressive development projects that the county government has implemented in the area.

The changed landscape now goes a long way in creating conducive environment for investors which will in turn to spur economic growth in the town.

Installation of cabros in town has brought with it many benefits for the residents. It has provided adequate car parking spaces and created designated pedestrian and non-motorable pathways on both sides of the road.

It has also incorporated the construction proper storm water drainage system along the road thus reducing flooding during the rainy seasons.

This initiative has lent an air of modernity to the town, attracting positive attention and fostering a sense of pride among its inhabitants.

In addition to the immediate benefits, the cabro installation has had a positive ripple effect on various aspects of daily life in Kagumo. Residents have expressed their satisfaction and gratitude for the transformation brought about by the county government’s initiative.

Geoffrey Murage, a long-time resident, observed that the town looked extremely untidy and muddy during the rainy season but the situation has now changed and it is much easier to navigate around the town.

His sentiments were echoed by another resident, Martin Gatimu. “Initially, there was no space for pedestrians to walk and so they competed for the road with the vehicles especially during the rains. We can now walk safely in the improved walkways even when it is rainy.” He said, commending governor Waiguru for the initiative.

Zipporah Muriithi, a resident and business lady in the town also hailed the project pointing out that previously, business people had to incur losses during rainy seasons but this has changed. “The neat, well-maintained town has now encouraged local businesses to flourish, as the improved accessibility has drawn more customers to shops and establishments in the area.” She said.

Governor Waiguru has reiterated her commitment to improving infrastructure across the county in a quest to provide a conducive working environment to traders in the urban centers with end goal being the improvement of livelihoods for residents.




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