Kagwe Mungai remixes nursery rhyme ‘Ponky’

Ponky is accompanied by colorful animated visuals.

One of kenya’s pop music favourite Kagwe Mungai has just dropped his first single of the year. Remember the nursery rhyme “Picky Picky Ponky..”? Well the song is a remix of this rhyme. Ponky is the third single off Kagwe’s second studio album, ‘The Incredible’. ‘The Incredible’ is set to be released at the end of the first quarter of the year.

Ponky has an animated video to go along. In the animated visuals,  a man steals a magic suit that activates different levels of coolness. Kagwe shouts out his barber for always having him looking good.

Ponky follows the release of ‘Chay Chay’ which was a boasting of Kagwe’s production prowess. ‘Chay Chay’ is a remix of Gengetone and Amapiano, Gengepiano if you will.


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