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Kakamega to host first sugar conference next month

14 sugarcane growing counties will next month converge in Kakamega County for the first-ever sugar conference to address the ailing sector.

Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa who made the announcement revealed that the sugar conference seeks to come up with proposals for establishing structures for long-term reforms in the sugar subsector.

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Barasa was speaking Thursday when he oversaw the signing of performance contracts by executive members of the County Government.

The county boss reiterated the need to fix the sugar sector amid the suspension of sugarcane milling for the next four months.

He noted that a number of sugar factories in Lake Region Economic Block (LREB) counties have been struggling for the past few months, citing the embattled Mumias Sugar company.

“I anticipate finding solutions to the challenges we are facing as the Mulembe nation and as the people of the Lake region,” said Governor Barasa.

Kakamega is the home of the well-known Mumias Sugar company.



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