Kanini Kega condemns chaos witnessed in parliament

Kieni Member of Parliament James Mathenge alias Kanini Kega has condemned the recent chaos witnessed in the National Assembly during discussions on the Political Parties (Amendment) Bill 2021.

Mathenge who was speaking Thursday in A TV talk show said it is a disgrace for elected members of parliament to turn the August house into a theatre of the absurd at a time when the electorate expects to see political maturity in their leaders.

“What was witnessed on December 28 last year and January 5 this year during the discussions on the Political Parties (Amendment) Bill 2021 was a shame and a disgrace to the members of Parliament,” he  said.

“I strongly condemn the actions of some of my colleagues for turning the house into a shouting arena instead of deliberating the matter on the floor of the house in a honourable manner,” he added.

The second time legislator has also called upon the electorate to be keen when heading to the next polls to choose their representatives noting that leaders are as good as the people who elect them.

On Wednesday, the contentious bill passed through the third reading after its proponents easily voted down attempts to introduce additional amendments.

Former Majority leader and Garissa MP Aden Duale had called for the deleting of a clause requiring parties forming a coalition to first deposit their agreement with the Registrar of Political Parties to six months.

Duale, who is currently affiliated with the United Democratic Alliance associated with Deputy President Dr William Ruto had alleged the proposal was ill-timed and meant to pave way for leaders with questionable characters into political office.

But Kega has backed the bill saying it will bring sanity and discipline in the way political parties that enter into coalitions conduct themselves.

He has also advised those against the new legislation to seek alternative redress instead of engaging into fist fights as was witnessed in December last year.

“The proposed law is good especially in regard to how parties intending to enter into coalitions will operate. We are confident the bill will sail through and therefore those opposing it should move to court and seek legal advice in court as allowed in law,” he said.

On his re-election bid, the Jubilee MP said his track record will be his rallying call for the people of Kieni since he was elected into office in 2013.

He has exuded confidence the people of his area will give him a third term to serve them as their MP owing to the extensive infrastructural transformation agenda he has undertaken in the area.

Among them is massive power connectivity and extensive tarmacking of roads in the constituency that has seen a total of 350 kilometres of seasonal roads laid with bitumen.

This, he said, has enhanced movement of both goods and people within the area and in the process improved the lives of the residents.

“I will be seeking a third term and my campaign slogan to the people will be pegged on the work I have done within my term in office such as the number of roads we have put under bitumen and households currently connected to the national grid,” he said.



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