Kanye West sued by Hungarian rock star

By Grace Maina

The prominent rapper is being sued by a famous Hungarian rock singer and composer accusing him of sampling one of his celebrated compositions without his consent for the 2013 song New Slaves.

Gabor Presser stated on Friday that one-third of the single of the hit album Yeezus is an unauthorised copy of Gyongyhaju Lany, a 1969 song written while in the band Omega.

Gyongyhaju Lany translates in English as ‘Pearls in her hair’ and Presser describes the song as “one of the most beloved pop songs in Hungary and across Eastern Europe.”

The rock star is now seeking at $2.5 million in damages on copyright infringement.

Presser alleged that he did was not aware of what had occurred and only found out when West’s lawyer emailed him to request to work out a deal and giving him 24hours to reply after the marketing had already began.

According to the complaint, West’s lawyers later sent him a check of $10,000 in order for him to go through with the deal. However Presser did not cash in the check.

“Kanye West knowingly and intentionally misappropriated plaintiff’s composition,” the complaint said. “After his theft was discovered, defendants refused to deal fairly with plaintiff.”

Copyright infringement cases in the music industry have been common to the likes of other prominent cases such as Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page facing trial in Los Angeles of stealing opening chords  for their 1971 classic Stairway to Heaven from a 1967 instrumental.

West’s lawyers and SONY/ATV Music Publishing LLC have yet to comment are yet to comment on the matter.



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