Kato Change, Winyo & SURAJ release house music EP

Kato Change, Winyo & SURAJ continue to take the Kenyan house music scene to soaring heights.

Kato Change

Kato Change, Winyo & SURAJ are no strangers to the Kenyan music scene, each of them for fronting their unique sounds and representing East Africa on a global stage. They have come together to create a body of work that they call the Sazile EP.

‘Sazile’ translates to ‘that time’. It is a 5 track EP that showcases their musical prowess and is a sonic journey of authentic and contemporary audible storytelling. This body of work perfectly merges the myriad of tones and textures each artist has individually and focusing on the context of the message that highlights love, the past and the future, and a reflection of life in today’s day and age.

The EP begins with the opening track ‘Sazile’ which is a laid back song that sets a mellow mood, but by the time you get to the last track ‘Suna’, you are on the dance floor.

Have a listen to Sazile on Soundcloud, and Spotify Music.


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