Vijana Barubaru

Kenya Breweries Limited launched the Manyatta Cider, a new product offering, during an event celebrating African culture through fashion and food.

“As a brand, Manyatta’s ideology is that our African culture needs to be brought back to life and celebrated.

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“We believe that taking time to appreciate our uniqueness through music, food and culture is a welcome reprieve from the dynamics of everyday life,” said EABL Marketing &Innovations Manager, Faith Nyambura.

The event was in collaboration with Vijana BaruBaru who were launching their EP dubbed Passion Pages.

It also featured electrifying performances by artists such as DJCandy, Ethan Muziki, Ayrosh, Karisma, DJ Kaneda, Ndovu Kuu, Hart the Band and DJ Suraj.

Their performances resonated with the audience and highlighted the diversity of African music and diversity.

“Collaborating with Manyatta for Passionate Pages launch was very inspiring, to see a brand dedicated to celebrating African culture in such a vibrant and authentic way .

“This partnership allowed us to showcase our artistry alongside Manyatta’s commitment to African-ness,” said Vijana BaruBaru.

Manyatta and Vijana BaruBaru aim to continue providing platforms for African artists while celebrating the essence of African culture in all its forms.

Manyatta Cider comes in four flavours: Manyatta Cider, Lemon and Ginger Cider, Mango and Ginger Cider, Pineapple and Mint Cider.

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