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KCB to expands grants for clean fuel transition in schools

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Learning institution seeking to transition to clean cooking energy stand a chance to access grants of up to 30pc of total cost of purchasing and installing Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) equipment from KCB Foundation.

According to KCB Foundation head, Caroline Wanjeri KCB has so far provided grants amounting to Ksh 60 million to 30 schools in in Kenya, out of which Ksh 30 million came directly from the foundation.

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“Schools have been identified as large contributors to inefficient cooking as they prepare high volumes of meals by consuming over 685,000 tons of firewood and charcoal per year. This has drastic consequences on the environment, economic development, and public health in a world where close to 2.6 billion people still lack access to clean cooking solutions,” said Wanjeri.

Cooking fuel has been one of the biggest expenses in a schools’ budget with more than 90pc of public schools spending at least Ksh 2 million per year just to prepare meals.

“By supporting the transition to cleaner fuels like LPG, we shall be enabling learning institutions to realize up to 40pc savings in their cooking budget with better health and environmental outcomes, improved kitchen hygiene, and motivation of workers,” she added.

Wanjeri said the clean and modern cooking programme adopted by schools will also ensure use less fuel, limit smoke emissions, and reduce the amount of green house gases emitted in the environment is one of the banks collective efforts to achieve SDG7.

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