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KDF troops help Baringo woman give birth


Kenya Defence Forces troops under ‘Operation Maliza Uhalifu’ in the North Rift region marked the 60th Jamhuri Day Celebrations by assisting a pregnant woman to deliver her baby at Mukutani Military Camp in Baringo County.

The expectant mother, 20-year-old Jenty Lesupen, is said to have arrived at the camp in an advanced stage of labor, prompting the military medics to intervene.

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Despite the challenges posed by the limited resources of the Regimental Aid Post, and a field medical facility not designed for maternal care, the dedicated medics managed to facilitate a safe delivery. Two hours later, Lesupen gave birth to a healthy baby girl weighing approximately 5.5 pounds.


The military medics spoke of the difficulties of carrying out a delivery at the Regimental Aid Post but emphasized their commitment to ensuring a safe delivery for the mother. As soon as both the mother and the newborn were stable, they were transported to Marigat District Hospital by a Red Cross Ambulance for postnatal care and vaccination.

Mukutani Location faces a significant medical facility challenge, as the entire location lacks a health center. The previously existing facility had been shut down due to insecurity, leading to the displacement of medical personnel and the vandalism of the building.

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