The actress, singer and entertainer, 30, told PEOPLE Magazine, that she will publish a new book this year called Master of Me set to debut from Flatiron Books in November.

“This book means growth to me,” Palmer said. “It signifies the next chapter of my life. It imparts the wisdom I’ve learned with the earnesty of knowing that I’m still changing.”

This will be Palmer’s second book following her 2017 book I Don’t Belong To You.

She said the new book will explore her personal challenges with boundaries, forgiveness and worthiness, as well as her spirituality — and how she has learned to take control of her own life to better understand herself.

“I am looking forward to having this book out in the world because I know we are all dealing with the same things,” Palmer says. “We are all trying to love ourselves and learn ourselves.”

“This book is my honest revelations of how I’m staying afloat and my hope and desire is to not even necessarily ‘help’ readers but to share with them,” she continues. 

“Sometimes we all feel alone but we aren’t. And even those of us who seem to be doing well still struggle.”

The book will also touch on motherhood and her role as the host of of NBC Game Show Password.

“Readers can expect laughter,” she says. “They can expect a full-on exploration of my intrusive thoughts and self-examination. In true Virgo fashion!”

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