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KEMSA unveils Kisumu Regional Distribution Centre

The Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) dispatched more than Kshs.22,523,862,340 worth of Essential Medicines, and Medical Supplies (EMMS) and National Health Strategic Programs (NHSP) supplies countrywide, in the last ten months.

Speaking during the launched the Kisumu Regional Distribution Centre (RDC), KEMSA Chairperson Irungu Nyakera says, since the Board of Management was appointed in May last year, the Authority has worked cohesively to address major shortcomings that were hindering the seamless distribution of medical supplies.

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Nyakera noted that KEMSA has also registered significant improvement in organisational efficiency underscored by the reduced Order Turn Around Time (OTAT) for hospitals.

“Order Turn Around Time (OTAT) currently stands at 15.8 days in Feb 2024 down from 16.6 days April 2023, while the Primary Health Facilities’ OTAT currently stands at 16.4days down from 19.9 days in April 2023.“ Said Nyakera.

Adding that:“The Order fulfilment rate has gone up to 62pc from an average of 49pc last year march.“

The Chairperson noted that the establishment of the KEMSA – Kisumu Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) marks a significant achievement in KEMSA’s ongoing transformation agenda.

He said the idea of establishing a fully operational Regional Distribution Center in Kisumu was first conceived in 2016 as part of KEMSA’s efforts to decentralize the distribution network in order to improve access to healthcare products in the region.

However, despite the initial plans, the project faced several challenges that included; logistical issues, funding constraints, and the need for extensive planning and coordination with various stakeholders, delayed its implementation.

Nyakera says by identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, the board seeks to instill a culture of operational agility at every level of the organization.

Noting that these strategic initiatives are essential for ensuring that KEMSA can fulfill its mandate effectively and continue to serve the healthcare needs of the nation.



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