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KEMSA wins Best Quality Leadership Award 2024 by European Society for Quality Research

KEMSA CEO Dr. Andrew Mulwa

The Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) has put Kenya on the world map after winning the Best Quality Leadership Award 2024, which is conferred by the European Society for Quality Research (ESQR).

The outstanding achievement comes barely two months after its CEO, Dr. Andrew Mulwa bagged the African Governance Award, 2024, for his contribution in transforming KEMSA into the most Outstanding Medical Supplies Authority across the African continent.

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The award ceremony was held in Mauritius.

And this week, ESQR recognised KEMSA’s leadership led by its CEO and Board of Directors for embracing innovative and initiative-driven approaches in KEMSA to drive the development of quality systems, which have in turn transformed KEMSA into an efficient Health Products and Technologies supply chain solutions provider.

These initiatives were credited with saving lives and improving health outcomes.

The ESQR annual recognition programme awarded KEMSA after evaluating numerous companies, institutions, public administrations and organisations representing different economic sectors in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia.

ESQR reviews improvement systems, techniques and research projects that contribute to quality organizational culture.

It acknowledges excellence, disseminates innovation and visionary thinking, shares knowledge with stakeholders, shares conformity assessment and facilitates networking across sectors and regions.

This year’s winners were selected based on poll results, consumer surveys, research and market insights.

Dr. Mulwa will receive the award on KEMSA’s behalf in Brussels in June.

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