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KeNHA begins upgrade of Busia Weighbridge


The Busia Weighbridge is undergoing a major upgrade to enhance efficiency and compliance of load weight by trucks.

The construction is expected to be completed by September and will feature state-of-the-art offices and holding yards as well as enhanced lighting to ensure safety of the station.

Busia Wighbridge Operations Manager, Maurice Ademba noted that the improvements are aimed at streamlining the compliance process and reducing delays experienced by transporters.

“Transporters have been facing a challenge due to the lack of holding yards for trucks during the compliance process. Currently, we are constructing two holding yards to ease congestion at the weighbridge,” Ademba explained.

KeNHA Assistant Engineer Davis Ndiya said the upgrade will align with the East African and international standards for weighbridges.

“We are currently upgrading the station to East African standards and triple standards to comply with weighing at the entrance and exit of the country,” Ndinya stated.

Ndiya said the process will include the installation of weighing mechanisms on both sides of the road, to accommodate traffic bound for Uganda and Kisumu.

The upgrade of the Busia station is part of the authority’s efforts to set up of more virtual weigh bridges across the country to minimise road damage by overloaded trucks.

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