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KENHA initiates sensitization of County Governments on axle load limits

KENHA's Engineer Kennedy Ndungire and Kiambu Ag. CEC Roads Mburu Kang'ethe during a sensization exercise at the Juja Weighbridge.

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA) has embarked on sensitization of County governments on axle load limits and related laws in a bid to preserve quality of roads across the country.

Speaking during a sensitization exercise at the Juja Weighbridge in Kiambu County, Engineer Kennedy Ndungire underscored the need for collaboration among stakeholders to raise awareness on axle laws among truck drivers.

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“As part of this sensitization effort, we examine various axle laws which check compliance on axle limits, aspects of the Traffic Act and the East Africa Vehicle Load Control Act as well as the areas which we can collaborate to ensure we protect not only roads within the counties but also the national roads which traverse through these counties,” he explained.

The East Africa Vehicle Load Control Act mandates that all vehicles weighing more than 3,500kgs must be weighed at weighbridges. Transporters who bypass or evade weighing stations are liable to prosecution.

The Acting Chief Executive Member of Roads in Kiambu County Mburu Kang’ethe stressed on the need for truck drivers to have a clear understanding of axle limit laws.

“Some drivers are not aware of the axle load laws which has led to them sometimes by passing the weighbridges. It is crucial that they understand the importance of compliance. They also do not understand that it is mandatory for any vehicle above 3,500kgs to pass through the weighbridge whether it is carrying any load or not,” he pointed out.

Edwin Njoroge, the Acting Chief Officer of Roads Kiambu County said the sensitization covered various aspects including loading capacity, weights regulations, and penalties associated with non-compliance.

“The drivers have committed to ensuring that their vehicles are weighed as they pass through the designated weighbridges,” he said.

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