KeNHA intensifies crackdown on rogue transporters

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) is set to commence a major crackdown on truck overloading violators.

KeNHA Axle Load Assistant Director, Michael Ngala said they have sensitized various stakeholders including; magistrates, litigants and police officers on how to deal with cases of overloading in meetings held on Friday in Kwale, Kilifi and Mombasa.

The stakeholders were also enlightened on how to ensure the cases are fast tracked whenever the violators are taken to court.

Ngala said the Highways Authority is leaving no stone unturned until laws relating to axle load are followed.

“Self-compliance is the ultimate aim, but the courts need to pen maximum penalties to make is harder for rogue transporters to overload,” he said

“Courts play an important role in compliance, therefore, we urged the magistrates to expeditiously deal with axle load-related offenses,” he added

Ngala said they will also sensitize transporters on the need of following axle load laws in efforts to end overloading which has led to road degradation and accidents.

KeNHA has invested heavily in technology in the various weighbridges across the country to ensure full compliance with the authorized axle load limit.

“We have installed high speed weigh-in motion and multi-deck scales and sensors in our weighbridges which detect whether a vehicle is overloaded or not,” Ngala said

Ngala revealed that the Kenyans are the worst over-loaders and are responsible for 30 per cent of destruction of road surfaces while transit trucks are now 99 per cent compliant and locally-owned trucks are at 70 per cent.

“The worst offenders are transporters of sand, loose cargo and contractors,” he noted


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