KeNHA warns transporters against truck overloading

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has warned drivers of commercial vehicles against overloading.

During an interview on KBC TV, the Assistant Director, Axle load Control at KeNHA, Engineer Michael Ngala said rogue truck drivers will be dealt with mercilessly as the menace has led to road degradation as well as accidents.

“Overloading causes premature failure our roads. If a road was to last for 15 years you end up having a road that lasts for 6 or 7 years. An overloaded truck is not only dangerous for the condition of our roads but also for other road users. An overloaded truck is difficult to control and can easily cause an accident,” he said

Ngala said the Highways Authority has invested heavily in technology in the various weighbridges across the country to curb truck overloading including having virtual, static and mobile weighbridge stations.

“Weigh bridges are the overloading control centers. We have installed high speed weight motion in our weigh bridges. We have placed sensors on the road which detects whether a vehicle is overloaded or not,” he stated

Ngala revealed that the compliance level currently stands at 70% adding that KeNHA is moving towards having zero infringement of Axle load units.

KeNHA has also enlisted the support of NTSA and the Police to trace vehicles using forced registration number.

“We have a collaborative engagement with the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA), the National Police Service as well as the transporters whereby we sensitize them towards full compliance,” he said

At the same time Ngala called upon Kenyans to report to KeNHA any overloading trucks saying shared responsibility is key in ensuring roads are well maintained.

“The worth of our roads asset in the country is over Sh3Trillion and therefore we have a shared responsibility to protect our roads,” he said


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