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Kenya aims for manufacturing boom to boost GDP by 2027

Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Investments, Trade and Industry Rebecca Miano

The government Thursday unveiled an ambitious plan to elevate Kenya’s manufacturing sector, aiming to increase its contribution to the GDP to 15pc by the year 2027.   

Speaking during a consultative gathering that convened leaders from State Corporations, Agencies, and Departments under the Ministry of Investments, Trade and Industry Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano issued a clarion call for unified action and collaboration.

“This initiative is designed to fundamentally redefine Kenya’s economic landscape, leveraging the collective expertise and resources across the Ministry’s extensive network to reach this transformative goal.” Said Miano.

Miano’s vision for Kenya’s economic future transcends traditional benchmarks, aiming to position the country as a global leader in industrial innovation and sustainable development.

Central to this vision is a collaborative strategy that seeks to harness synergy across the diverse sectors and agencies within the ministry’s purview.

In an ambitious move, the State Department for Industry has set forth plans to elevate the manufacturing sector’s contribution to the GDP from 7.6pc in 2023 to 10pc by 2024, with a goal of reaching 20pc by 2030.

This growth strategy includes the establishment of 30 additional County Aggregation and Industrial Parks, thereby stimulating the activation of priority value chains across the country.

The foundation of this strategy lies in cultivating a spirit of collaboration and tapping into the vast reservoir of expertise and resources available.

By fostering an environment conducive to business expansion, technological progress, and the adoption of competitive manufacturing methodologies, the ministry aims to spearhead a comprehensive transformation of the industrial landscape.

This approach is anticipated to drive significant enhancements in productivity, efficiency, and product quality within Kenya’s industries, propelling the nation towards setting a global standard for economic resilience and success.

Through these concerted efforts, Kenya aspires to redefine its economic narrative, showcasing the power of collaboration and innovation in achieving sustainable growth and development on the world stage.

Leadership, innovation, and governance emerge as the foundational pillars for this monumental task. “The journey to economic prominence is built on hard work, creativity, and strict ethical practices,” Miano stated, setting a high bar for her team.

The narrative gained depth with insights from Dr. Juma Mukhwana, the Ministry’s Principal Secretary, who outlined the strategic necessities for refining trade policies and enhancing the investment atmosphere in Kenya.

He described the ministry’s role as pivotal in creating a conducive environment for business prosperity and global competitiveness.

The discourse also embraced the themes of sustainability and social responsibility, with a consensus on the importance of integrating these values into the core of business practices.

Miano emphasized the dual role of economic development and environmental stewardship, reflecting a commitment to sustainable growth.

This convergence of visions and ideas underscored a collective determination to not just achieve, but exceed the ambitious goals set. The leaders present pledged to cultivate a culture of excellence, fostering innovation and ethical governance.

This approach is poised to not only enhance Kenya’s economic stature but also ensure that the nation shines on the global stage.