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Kenya bolsters community health promoters program

A group of Community Health Promoters (CHPs) lining up for registration ahead of Mashujaa celebrations at the Kericho Green Stadium. PHOTO: Selestus Mayira

The Community Health Promoters Program has achieved remarkable milestones in community health service delivery, government has said.

According to the Health Principal Secretary Mary Muthoni, Community Health Promoters – CHPs Program in 31 counties have already started using the digital tool for community health service delivery.

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“The implementation of the electronic Community Health Information System (e-CHIS) represents a significant step forward in digitizing community health services.This mobile health application collects real-time, accurate household data, facilitates health service delivery planning, and links individuals to healthcare facilities.” Said PS Muthoni.

Adding that: “With the support of the National Government, 110,000 smartphones have been distributed to CHPs, enabling real-time data collection and improving health service delivery planning.”

CHPs have reached over 15 million Kenyans, visited over 3 million households, and conducted screenings for blood pressure and blood sugar for 1.7 million and 1.3 million individuals respectively.

Moreover, 85,000 individuals have been referred for facility-based healthcare due to elevated blood pressure and blood sugar levels,

While over 1.3 million children under the age of 5 have received assessments.

This even as government reiterates its committed to advancing public health through the Community Health Promoters Program while ensuring access to quality healthcare services for all Kenyans.

PS Muthoni says the government has undertaken significant initiatives to strengthen the program and extend its reach to millions of Kenyans.

Recognizing the pivotal role of CHPs in delivering primary healthcare services at the grassroots level, the government has undertaken significant initiatives to strengthen the program and extend its reach to millions of Kenyans.

Enacted as part of the government’s strategic shift towards preventive and promotive health, the Primary Health Care Act has provided a solid legal framework for the effective delivery and management of health services through Primary Healthcare Networks (PCNs) and Community Health Units (CHUs). Under this legislation, CHPs have emerged as indispensable healthcare providers within their communities.

Community Health Promoters (CHPs) serve as the backbone of healthcare delivery in Kenya, tirelessly addressing the health needs of their communities. With roles encompassing health education, basic first aid, and referrals for advanced medical care, CHPs play a critical role in promoting public health and disease prevention. Each CHP is entrusted with the responsibility of 100 homes within their respective neighborhoods/villages.

The government allocated over Ksh 3 billion annually for stipend payments to support the 107,000 Community Health Promoters- CHPs across all 47 counties.

According to Health Principal Secretary Mary Muthoni, this substantial investment underscores the government’s commitment to strengthening primary healthcare and improving health outcomes for all Kenyans.

Additionally, PS noted that the government has provided comprehensive Community Health Promoters Kits to 100,000 CHPs, equipped with essential medicines and supplies to deliver preventive and promotive health services.

“These kits are instrumental in reducing the burden of diseases in communities and ensuring access to essential healthcare services.” Says PS Muthoni.

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