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Kenya challenged to leverage technology to fight terrorism

The government is calling for continuous research and knowledge-seeking in order to understand how terrorism is mutating in the wake of technology and how to effectively leverage the same to respond to the threat.

Speaking Thursday while launching the second Nairobi caucus on preventing the exploitation of technology and communication for terrorist use, National security advisor, Ambassador Monica Juma, reiterated the importance of a regional collaborative approach towards dealing with terror.

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The Caucus is hosted by Kenya’s National Counter-terrorism centre in collaboration with other organizations.

Juma expressed concern over the lack of the requisite frameworks to regulate and plug gaps being exploited by terrorist organizations in their use of technology for terrorist activities.

“Last week, I had the occasion to be part of the Annual Aspen Security Forum, which rightfully focused huge attention on Artificial intelligence, cyber warfare, and security.  No facet of society is being spared from the impact of the innovations that are upon us,” she said.

As much as terrorists and violent extremists use the same technological tools like robotics, bloc chain, genetic engineering among others in conducting their unethical activities, Juma notes that there is need for a collective responsibility to advance and protect, especially from the persistent, evolving and geographically diffuse threat of terrorism.

“New technological advancements are powerful tools in the fight against terrorism and have significantly enhanced our abilities to degrade the threat, “she says.

According to the former Cabinet Secretary, there is a need to improve governance by nurturing democratic practice and inclusion and promoting people participation in matters of service provision.

She further calls for the strengthening of regional and multilateral framework in Africa to curb Terrorism exploits of technology and communication

Additionally, Juma called on Africa to create a policy and a legal framework that is versatile and effective in the fight against terrorism.

The caucus seeks to create awareness on the technological and communication vulnerabilities being exploited by terrorists and violent extremists.

Reporting by Yusuf Farah and Sally Namuye

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