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Kenya, DRC seek to boost trade through Mombasa Port


Mombasa leadership have launched a charm offensive to woo traders from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to use the Port of Mombasa.

According to the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA), the DRC is the third largest market in the Port of Mombasa with a market share of 8.2 per cent.

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Last year June, a DRC state-owned shipping line – Lignes Maritimes Congolaises began operations at the port of Mombasa.

The port of Mombasa is mostly used by traders in the Eastern part of DR Congo.

“All the Congolese traders who in the past used to import through the Port of Mombasa should return since now the port is working in a very efficient way, it has modern equipment and expansive berths,” said Badi Twalib, Jomvu Constituency Member of Parliament.

Badi lauded KPA Managing Director Capt. William Ruto for enhancing port efficiency since his appointment.

“Mombasa was the regional hub for cargo destined for Rwanda, Uganda and Congo regions like Butembo, Beni, Buniya, Kivu, Kisangani and Goma all used to pass through the Port of Mombasa,” he added.

DR Congo Mombasa Consular Kambale Mukokoma said they are keen to increase the volume with Kenya.

“If drivers face challenges on the roads while in transit to Congo, we will advocate for their rights,” he said, urging traders to use the Port of Mombasa.

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