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Kenya headed in the right direction – Nyoro

Kiharu lawmaker Ndindi Nyoro Ruto has said the country is headed in the right direction under the stewardship of President William Ruto.

Contrary to skepticism, the outspoken legislator insists Ruto has put Kenya back on a path to prosperity and sustainable development.

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He cites the country’s economy, which he says, against all odds, has bounced back to levels never anticipated.

“Kenya is headed in the right direction. Figures don’t lie. In the recently released figures, the economy of Kenya grew by 5.9% in the third quarter of 2023. The Kenyan GDP is among the 27 fastest-growing economies in the world now,” said the MP

He says the Kenya Kwanza administration was now fully onboarding initiatives that will ensure the registered growth can be felt by all Kenyans.

“As we move forward we want to reflect this GDP growth into the pockets of Kenyans. We are channeling resources to where most Kenyans are. In agriculture, we have invested a lot of money and other areas that accommodate labor-intensive activities where Kenyans get their daily bread,” he said

At the same time, Nyoro, a staunch political ally of the President hit out at the opposition over planned mass demonstrations to protest the cost of living. He insists there is no justification for the protests and warned that the government will not take them lightly.

“Our inflation has come down to about 6.6 percent, which measures the basket of commodities in terms of prices. And we are not bragging about it,” he claimed

“Nimeona wale watu wa opposition wamesema eti wanarudi kwa maandamano. Kama mnatafuta mtu wa kutisha mjue hakuna. Uandamane juu ama chini, hii serikali si ya kutisha,” he said

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