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Kenya, Italy advance healthcare collaboration

Kenya and Italy have resolved to advance discussions on a critical Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the healthcare sector.

During the meeting Principal Secretary Mary Muthoni Muriuki and Italy’s Deputy Ambassador Lorenza Gambacorta advanced discussions on the critical MoU that aims to enhance Universal Health Coverage and pharmaceutical production.

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This meeting marks a significant follow-up to the MoU signed by Presidents William Ruto of Kenya and Sergio Mattarella of Italy during President Mattarella’s State Visit to Kenya in March 2023.

The discussions during the visit resulted in multiple bilateral agreements, demonstrating both countries’ strong commitment to cooperation.

They discussed key areas highlighted in the MoU including:

  1. International Development Cooperation: Kenya and Italy will promote international development cooperation, sharing knowledge and experiences to improve healthcare systems.
  2. Local Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: The partnership will support the local production of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, boosting healthcare self-sufficiency.
  3. Human Resource Development: Collaboration will include knowledge exchange in specialized healthcare areas through training programs.
  4. Global Health Security: The two nations will work together to strengthen global health security and disease control, with support from the National Public Health Institute (NPHI).
  5. Regional Healthcare Hub: A regional healthcare hub will provide specialized mental healthcare services and support programs related to reproductive and maternal health.
  6. Research and Training: Specialized health and research institutions from both countries will collaborate on research, training, and healthcare services. Health tourism initiatives will also be explored.

The Ministry, in partnership with the Italian Embassy, is actively working on a framework to operationalize this MoU.

According to the PS, these joint initiatives signal a promising future for Kenya and Italy, underlining the importance of international collaboration in advancing healthcare and achieving universal health coverage

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