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Kenya Ports Authority advocates Kargo Pay adoption across East Africa 

Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) Managing Director, Capt. William Ruto, says stakeholders should adopt Kargo Pay in a bid to revolutionize port transactions.

Speaking during a sensitization meeting with stakeholders and key players in the industry in Rwanda, Ruto said the online payment platform was in response to the discontinuation of credit sales by KPA.

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Initially introduced in Kenya in mid-August 2023, Ruto said the digital payment system has now expanded its reach to Uganda and Rwanda.

“This cross-border expansion signifies a significant milestone in the modernization of payment processes within the region. The new 24/7 payment processing facility developed by KPA aims to provide efficient and competitive port services, facilitating ease of payment for port charges,” said Ruto.

Capt. Ruto highlighted some of the advantages of Kargo Pay, including its ability to enhance accuracy and timeliness and not only streamline transactions but also boost the efficiency and transparency of collections in port operations.

Ruto underscored KPA’s unwavering commitment to leveraging technology to enhance service delivery and promote financial inclusivity.

Kargo Pay enables customers to pay port charges in a currency of choice using Pesalink, Mpesa, Cards, and Real-Time Gross Settlement transfers anywhere in the East African Community with a traceable statement that gives all the information that relates to transactions.

This customer portal will allow customers to individually manage their deposits and clear/reconcile their invoice payments on a self-service basis.

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