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Kenya Power to undertake procurement workshop for special interest groups

Kenya Power has embarked on a mission to set up sensitization workshops across the county to educate special interest groups on how to participate in the procurement processes of tenders.

This is through a Ksh 1.8 billion procurement budget that has been set aside to be utilized under the Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO).

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“The increased uptake of AGPO tenders is as a result of deliberate effort by KPLC to sensitize the target groups on the procurement opportunities that are available. This is to attain 100 pc absorption of the procurement budget that we have set aside for them,” said Kenya Power General Manager, Supply Chain and Logistics, John Ngeno.

Ngeno said the company is also collaborating with financial institutions to create linkages for financial support to the interest groups which will further facilitate their participation in the AGPO tenders.

“We are keen to maintain liaison with leading financial institutions to offer financial support to bidders under the AGPO category .Most of these institutions also participate in our sensitization forums where they get to meet the bidders and offer tailor-made financial solutions to boost capacity to bid.”

According to KPLC, they recorded a Ksh 365 million increase in tenders that were awarded to youth ,women and people living with disabilities to Ksh 609 million in the current financial year.

Businesses owned by youth accounted for the largest value of tenders that were awarded during the period taking up a total of Ksh 472.9 million while women and PWDs accounted for Ksh 135.5 million and Ksh 646,700 respectively.

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