Kenya to pioneer postal e-commerce services in the region

Kenya has been selected by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) as one of the countries to rollout the regional e-commerce hub in East Africa due to its legacy on the extensive postal presence in the region.

Information Communication and Technology Cabinet Secretary (CS) Joe Mucheru said that this initiative together with the ongoing national addressing system will greatly boost local and regional e-commerce and enable Kenya to tap into the opportunity whose international value is estimated to rise to 2.6 trillion dollars by the year 2022.

“The national addressing system provides for the naming and number of streets and properties and coding to facilitate easy identification and location. The goal is to ensure that every person has an address to be easily reached when necessary and it will help to have digitized maps for settlement to help in urban planning,” explained Mucheru.

Speaking on Tuesday at a Nairobi hotel during the World Posta Day celebrations, the CS said that this will reduce the cost of delivering goods through efficiency on account of reliability.

“The Postal Corporation of Kenya has never been granted any subsidy by the national government since its split form the Kenya Post and Telecommunication Corporation on July 1, 1999 and it has been financing its operations and capital investments from internally generated funds,” said Mucheru.

He continued… “In the financial year 2013/14 Postal Kenya posted a profit of Shs.173 million and thus declared a dividend to the National Treasury of Shs.17.3 million.

In the 2017/18 the performance in revenue greatly improved recording an annual turnover of Shs.4billion.”

He said that we are now witnessing the fusion of postal and courier service with technology, a phenomenon that has boosted the industry and maintained the relevance of postal services in the midst of technological advancement.

“Postal and courier services are implementing new services to adopt to customer demands for electronic services including online truck and trace, email post and other advanced services like digital identities, mobile applications and website integration,” explained the CS.

Universal Postal Union(UPU) Director General Bishar Abdirahman Hussein said that the postal network is looking at how to help in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG’s) through helping governments provide the social inclusivity agendas of alleviating poverty, creating jobs and providing access to financial inclusivity.

“Posta is the widest physical distribution network in the world as they go where no other services go, from the highest mountains to the driest deserts knocking on everyone’s doors and it know individuals by name,” he said.

He said that they have been threatened by those in the advanced technologies but he challenged them that the day they invent how to send parcels from one computer to another that is when they will be threatened.

Postmaster General and CEO of the Postal Corporation of Kenya Dan Kagwe said that they have come up with new and innovative products to remain relevant in the era of technology.

“Post Kenya is in the process of signing a global partnership on e-commerce with partners like Jazpost and Amazon and this should be done hopefully before the end of the year,” said Kagwe reiterating that the future of postal services is in e-commerce and providing logistical solutions for the last mile delivery.

He explained that the corporation has invested in modern vehicles to fit in into the modern logistics systems thus enhancing the quality and customer satisfaction as per ISO 2015standards.

Posta worldwide unveiled the Nelson Mandela stamps to mark the iconic African leader’s 100th birth


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