Briefing the press in London ahead of the inaugural conference scheduled for January 20, Amb. Esipisu said Kenya is at the centre of the UK’s engagement with Africa.

“Three billion pounds worth of UK investment is in Kenya while most of our exports outside East Africa come here as well as to destinations such as the US,” Amb. Esipisu pointed out.

 He added that the Kenyan diplomatic mission in the UK looks forward to welcoming the Kenyan delegation led by President Uhuru Kenyatta coming to the UK for the summit.

 “We do expect robust engagement between Kenyan and UK business people about the areas in which investment is clear,” the High Commissioner assured.

Amb. Esipisu said that the summit will provide an opportunity for a robust discussion between the Governments of Kenya and the UK on areas of cooperation.

 “As you know, Kenya has always trumpeted trade and investment, and we do expect that these are the areas that they will focus on for the prosperity of the people of Kenya as well as the prosperity of the people of the United Kingdom,” Amb Esipisu outlined.

Highlighting the investment opportunities in Kenya, Principal Secretary for Petroleum Andrew Kamau said Kenya will be looking to pursue mutually beneficial partnerships with UK investors in the production of sufficient renewable energy to support the implementation of Kenya’s Big 4 Agenda.