Kenyan advocates unite in new push to achieve gender equality

A new advocacy campaign called Deliver for Good has been launched in Kenya by a coalition of senior Kenyan advocates and national and international partners to kick start a new effort to fuel lasting change for Kenyan girls and women and to drive progress in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Campaign launched Wednesday brings together diverse stakeholders to accelerate national efforts to achieve gender equality.

Its formal launch in Nairobi convened high-level government representatives and leading civil society advocates to discuss how we change the narrative around girls and women—talking about them as powerful agents of change rather than vulnerable people; bring together unexpected partners working across sectors; and  inspire action to help the country achieve the SDGs and become a gender equal nation.

Following a global launch of the Deliver for Good Campaign in 2016, Kenya was identified as the first focus country for dedicated advocacy and communication efforts to build upon existing Kenyan activities.

Gender equality advocates in Kenya are committed to working together towards our shared goals for girls and women,” said Teresa Omondi-Adeitan, Executive Director of FIDA Kenya, the coordinating partner for the Kenya Campaign.

“The Deliver for Good Kenya Campaign creates a necessary platform to mobilize collectively around common goals that move us closer to achieve gender equality and the SDGs.” She added.

More than 20 organizations are already signed on to the campaign in Kenya, committing to four critical priorities for collective action.

These priorities include establishing equal land rights, strengthening women’s access to financing and economic empowerment, increasing political participation, including enforcing the two-thirds Gender Principle and improving access to sexual and reproductive health as part of the movement to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

Currently, more than 400 organizations globally have signed on to the Campaign, building a movement to catalyze action for girls and women.


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