Kenyan fugitives defect from Al shabaab terror group

Key Kenyan commanders in the Al shabaab terror group have defected following sharp divisions within the terror group’s top command. 

According to intelligence sources, Ahmed Iman and 5 other top Kenyan fugitives operating in Somalia have indicated their intention to leave the militia group and are reportedly trying to negotiate with authorities in Kenya.

Ahmed Iman Ali aka Abu Zinira has been on the list of most wanted criminals with 2 million shillings bounty placed on his head alongside Erick Achayo Ogada Shuaib and Juma Ayuk aka KB.

Iman operates within the Al-Shabaab Media and propaganda wing and is behind the production of several videos released by the group.

He travelled to Somalia in 2009 and has since risen through the ranks to his current position of influence. A leaked twenty-one page classified document from security agencies has revealed Iman’s motivation to leave the group.

Iman said to be an engineering degree graduate from Jomo Kenyatta had hatched a plan to establish his own local Jihadi group within Boni forest in Kenya riding on Al-Shabaab’s resources.

Their objective was to penetrate the country and spread its influence; particularly in North Eastern and Coastal parts of Kenya.

Reports however indicate Al-Shabaab leadership would not trust a foreigner to lead such a major unit, nominating Ahmed Abdi Godane, a Somali national leading to the fallout.

The report also explains that Iman’s defection has been compounded by the mistreatment of his Kenyan followers in Somalia with some of his close supporters who followed him to Somalia executed by Al-Shabaab on allegations of being government spies; among them, Athman Mwai.

The looming defection of Iman and possibly his associates is expected to have significant ramifications on Al-Shabaab’s influence and operations in the region.

Al-Shabaab is currently facing a mass exodus as Fighters scramble to take up the amnesty offer by President Mohamed Abdullahi ‘Farmajo’ Mohammed and also given the heavy offensive against them by AMISOM, US Special Forces and the Somali National Army.




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