Rising African contemporary singer Liboi is set to capture hearts with the release of her latest single, “Yule.”

The romantic and smitten track explores themes of love and affection, making it the perfect anthem for those celebrating the season of love.

Following the success of her second EP, Safari, released in November, Liboi continues to solidify her position in the music industry.

With nearly 150,000 streams on Spotify alone, Safari has been a testament to Liboi’s unique blend of contemporary sounds and authentic African influences.

“Yule,” meaning “that one” in Swahili, is a soulful expression of love towards a significant other.

Liboi’s velvety vocals and emotive delivery create a captivating listening experience, drawing listeners into a world of passion and romance.

Liboi says the single is a story about acknowledging what the heart wants.

“Yule delves into the realms of love and affection, capturing the essence of a crush or a deep desire to be with someone who resonates as your soulmate.

“It’s an expressive proclamation of feelings, acknowledging the heart yearns for what it wants, and the pursuit lies in making it work.”

Adding to the allure of “Yule,” the music video features the talented Dholuo and Afro-fusion Kenyan singer, Coster Ojwang and Joy Bande.

Their on-screen chemistry elevates the visual narrative, enhancing the overall appeal of the song.

The video is a visual feast, with captivating scenes and cinematography that complement the track’s romantic essence.

Shot in Kisumu at Dunga Hill, the video pays homage to Liboi’s scenic and eccentric home region.

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