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Kenyan content creators to earn from Facebook, Instagram

Content creators will begin monetizing their content on Facebook and Instagram by June this year, President William Ruto has said.

This follows a meeting between the President and Facebook Management Team at State House Nairobi, where they discussed the monetization of the Meta-owned platform.

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President Ruto also welcomed plans to have the monetization available on M-Pesa.

“June will be a turning point for our content creators! They will begin monetisation of their content as part of our efforts to create jobs for the youth,” said Ruto.

The announcement is a culmination of a year-long push by the government led by the president to have creators earn for their online content.

“Kenyan content creators who meet the eligibility criteria will now earn from their Facebook and Instagram spaces as we start monetization by June this year,” Nick said.

The President commended the meta group for being keen on safety and making sure the right content circulates on the platform.

“We are reworking the legislation in Kenya to make it easier for people working on the digital space. The government of Kenya is going to work with you and deploy whatever resources we have to minimise content that is undesirable,” said Ruto.

Facebook President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg.
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