Kenya’s most dysfunctional family is back!

It comes as no surprise to any connoisseur of TV that dysfunctional families make for great television and if it’s dysfunctional you’re looking for, Second Family has it in spades, from power struggles, boardroom politics, family strife and all the chaos that erupts after the untimely death of a milling empire patriarch.

Speaking about the second season of the show and what to expect from his character, KBC English Service’s Nick Ndeda, who plays Tehi on the show said to expect a very different Tehi from the usual Gatehi-Lang’at bad seed

“Tehi is getting more screen time this season. And forget about the drinking and womanising rich kid from Season 1, he has morphed into a character I also didn’t see coming,” Ndeda reveals. “I love that my character undergoes such a radical transformation from being this cliché spoiled brat into a crafty, cunning character. It’s a lot of fun to play because of the range of emotions and physical capabilities that I get to experiment with as an actor. It gives me something to look forward to with every new script of Second Family.

Actress Mumbi Maina who plays Katherine said of her character, “Katherine has often been underestimated but when pushed into a corner, she will make moves that no one sees coming. You’ll get a deeper look into just how far she’s willing to go to get what she wants. But also, you’ll see a little bit more of her emotional side.”

Alongside the aforementioned cast, Vanessa Okeyo, Stephanie Muchiri, Serah Wanjiru, Lewis Leshan, Florence Nduta, Derek Bbanga, Joyce Musoke, Sheila Ndanu and Mary Mwikali also return to Second Family S2.


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