Kenyan Namulanta Kombo wins BBC World Service International Podcast Competition

Namulanta’ entry has been termed as “outstanding”, “brilliantly done” and “captivating”.

Earlier in the year, we announced that the BBC World Service was holding its first ever international podcast competition. We are now proud to announce that the very first winner of the competition is Kenyan lady Namulanta Kombo.

The competition was open to non-broadcast and podcast professionals from Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa and was looking for a brilliant and original podcast idea. There was a fantastic response, with almost 1000 entries. Namulanta’s winning idea came from her decision to start writing letters to her young daughter and the working title of the podcast is ‘To My Daughter’. The BBC World Service will now help Namulanta make a 15-episode podcast, scheduled to be launched later this year. It will hear experiences, anecdotes and advice from across Africa and around the world, which listeners want to share with their daughters.

Namulanta and the team are encouraging you to share whatever stories, advice and eperiences yo would share with omeone younger. You can do so here.

Congratulations Namulanta!


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