Kenyans expectations in 2020

Kenyans are expressing optimism and renewed hope going into the year 2020 with calls for peace, an improved economy and effective service delivery.

This comes amid the growing debate over the building bridges initiative. Some Kenyans are however doubtful about the country’s ability to shake off the bane of corruption that is hurting the country’s development.

Our reporter Edward Kabasa spoke to a section of Kenyans on their expectations in the new year and this is what they had to say.

To many Kenyans a new year presents new beginnings, a chance to reboot the system and make amends, forget the bygones and focus on the future.

Peaceful coexistence, better economy and a renewed war on corruption are some of the expectations of Kenyans going into 2020.

Some are hopeful that some of the foundations of goodwill laid in 2019 will steer the country into a prosperous new year.

but as the economy continues to take a beating owing to among others unpredictable weather patterns, and the high cost of living for some the excitement of the new year wasn’t much.

An opinion poll by TIFA Research Firm indicate that three out of ten Kenyans intend to set up a business.

The second-and third highest goal is to get a new job and to own a home in 2020.

And as Kenyans join the world into stepping into the new year the question that lingers is just how much of their expectations in 2019 were met?


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