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Kenyans in Germany showcase culture in Frankfurt

With the support of sponsors and well-wishers, the event embraced a diverse range of activities and culinary delights that captivated both adults and children.

The vibrant spirit of Kenya came alive as Kenyans in the diaspora gathered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, to commemorate the highly anticipated 5th edition of Kenyan Cultural Day.

This annual event, which began as a small BBQ gathering along the Main River in Hanau am Main, has evolved into a grand celebration of Kenyan culture, attracting a growing number of attendees each year. With the support of sponsors and well-wishers, the event embraced a diverse range of activities and culinary delights that captivated both adults and children.

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A Journey of Growth and Success:

The roots of Kenyan Cultural Day can be traced back to 2013 when a group of five Kenyan friends and their families started gathering for BBQs at a park along the Rhine River in Hanau am Main. As the popularity of these gatherings grew, the Rafiki’s am Main Association was established and registered by the District Court of Hanau am Main in 2016. Inspired by the increasing number of attendees, Rafiki’s expanded its events to include family and friends’ open-air gatherings, and cultural festivities.

The first-ever Kenyan Cultural Day took place in the summer of 2017 in Frankfurt am Main, attracting a remarkable turnout of Kenyans who embraced the opportunity to celebrate their heritage. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the event persevered, returning in 2021 with an open-air Nyama Choma BBQ festival.

The following year, in 2022, Kenyan Cultural Day embarked on a European tour with a famous Kenyan artist, culminating in an exclusive Nyama Choma festival in Frankfurt am Main. The event witnessed a significant increase in attendees, with over 400 Kenyans and friends, including children, gathering to revel in the festivities.


The Excitement of the 5th Edition:

With the demand for Kenyan Cultural Day soaring, the organizers embarked on the planning of the highly anticipated 5th edition in 2023. This time, they decided to enhance the experience for the younger attendees by investing in various kid-friendly activities. The event offered thrilling drumming workshops, engaging dance competitions, acrobatic performances, captivating animations, plays, and an enchanting kids’/parents’ fashion show, featuring designs by renowned Kenyan designers. The supervised kids’ corner and bouncing castle ensured that the little ones had a day filled with fun and excitement.

For the adults, the event showcased the rich diversity of Kenyan cuisine, allowing attendees to indulge in Swahili port, Mama Park’s fish, succulent Nyama Choma, traditional staples like Ugali and Mukimo, refreshing Kachumbari, and the delicious Mboaga Mchicha. The culinary delights transported attendees back to the flavors and aromas of Kenya, creating a nostalgic ambiance.

Mobilization Challenges and Gratitude:

Organizing an event that brings together 500 Kenyans is no small feat, but the dedicated organizers of Kenyan Cultural Day have been able to achieve this remarkable milestone through years of hard work and support from the Kenyan diaspora. The event has received tremendous appreciation and backing from the community, with attendees showing unwavering support and making it a resounding success. The organizers expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the sponsors who played a vital role in making the event possible.

Looking to the Future:

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