Kenyans pay more to access internet in East Africa: Study

Kenyans pay more to access the Internet compared to their counterparts in the East African region.

A new survey by UK firm  which analyzed mobile data plans in 230 countries across the world put Tanzania as the country with the cheapest data plans in East Africa compared to Kenya and Uganda.

In the global rankings, Tanzania is ranked at position 32, Uganda at position 86 while Kenya and Ethiopia are ranked at position 118 and 94 respectively.

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In Tanzania, internet consumers will pay an average of 80 shillings for one gigabyte of data compared to a consumer in Uganda and Kenya who part with 166 shillings and 240 shillings for one GB of Internet respectively.

A consumer in Ethiopia will part with 182 shillings for one gigabyte. Sudan has the cheapest internet in Africa and ranks fifth globally, with its consumers paying 29 shillings for one GB.

The most expensive place in the world to buy mobile data is Equatorial Guinea, where the average cost of one gigabyte goes at 5,312 shillings, nearly a thousand times the cost of mobile data in Israel-which has the cheapest mobile data plan in the world.


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