Kenyans to brace themselves as prices of animal products to sky rocket

Kenyans should brace themselves for high animal products prices as the animal feeds prices hit a 3 year high.

Animal feeds manufacturers say the current maize stock used in animals feed production can only last up to June urging the government to release maize to millers and allow the importation of zero-rated yellow maize to ease pressure on white maize consumption and plug the current deficit.

Animal feeds prices have increased by Ksh 300 in the last three months.

Agro Processors Association of Kenya and Animal Feeds Manufacturers say the prices are set to increase further if the government does not release maize to millers.

The association says despite paying Kshs 1 billion to purchase maize from the strategic food reserve they are yet to receive any deliveries from the NCPB and they will be forced to pass additional costs to consumers.

The feeds millers are also urging the government to reconsider the biosafety laws and allow the importation of cheap GMO maize for animal feeds to fill the current deficit besides okaying importation of zero-rated yellow maize to bring down the cost of animal feed that currently retails at an average of 2,200 from 1,800 three months ago.

The government has been urged to subsidized chicken feeds for local farmers as cheap eggs from Uganda are threatening to push local farmers out of the market.

According to the millers, already 50 animal feeds millers have closed shop due to inadequate and expensive maize for milling.



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