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Kenyans to enroll for basic digital skills course at 40pc discount

Citizen Digital Skills Program stakeholders workshop in Nairobi in 2023. So far, 50 consortium have been identified across the country to carry our the training.

Kenyans can now enroll for the Basic Digital Skills Course – which is among the three core subjects under the Citizen Digital Skills Program – at a discount of 40per cent of the earlier cost of Kshs. 2,500.

The offer, which brings the registration cost to Ksh 1,500, will run from 1st February to 29th February 2024, seeking to onboard Kenyans who will be trained for ten days on the essential knowledge and proficiencies required to thrive in a digitally driven society.

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Learners will undertake ten modules in Basic Digital Skills which are; Digital Devices in a Digital Workspace, Skills in Basic Productivity Tools, Communication and Collaboration, Accessing Government Services & Youth Opportunities, Basic Video Production and Editing, Learning Online, Basic Online Work Skills, Online Business &Digital Entrepreneurship, Cyber Hygiene for Workers and Basic E-Waste Management.

The move seeks to empower Kenyans to access online government services, enhance e-commerce, and improve their general knowledge of information security and registration is ongoing at: https://www.smartacademy.go.ke/

Speaking after the announcement, Stanley Kamanguya, Chief Executive Officer of the ICT Authority, urged all Kenyans to take advantage of the registration window and ensure that they have registered to acquire the skills and knowledge.

“The basic digital skills course is open to all. Together with the steering committee, we would like to encourage as many citizens as possible to register and be part of the people seizing the opportunities in the digital world. After completing the course, we are going to certify the trainees, and we are sure that this is a decision they will be proud of.” said Kamanguya.

“The digital economy in our nation is growing rapidly. We wouldn’t wish to see any Kenyan being left behind and this is why we are rallying more Kenyans to take this opportunity,” he said, adding that the programs will be undertaken through various institutions spread across the country.

“We already have a consortium of 50 institutions which will be undertaking the training physically, but anyone can access the lessons from anywhere. The course is also flexible and we are optimistic that many Kenyans will join.”

The government of Kenya, through the ICT Authority, is targeting to train five million Kenyans on digital skills in one year and 20 million by 2032, as illustrated in the National Digital Master Plan for the year 2022-2032.

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