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Kenyans urged to embrace saving through Saccos

Kenyans are being urged to adopt a culture of saving to protect themselves from unpredictably fluctuating economic conditions.

The CEO, Baraka Yetu Sacco, and Thomas Makori contend that Kenyans can only be certain of their financial future by saving.

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Speaking exclusively to KBC, Osoro disclosed that in order to encourage more Kenyans to take the initiative and safeguard their future, they have been compelled to tailor-make new saving programs for members by lowering the minimum amount to KES 100.

We deal with the typical hustler, the typical mwananchi, who borrows money and does business in a typical manner.

We provide daily assistance to about 11,000 families in addition to educating our members on business practices. added Osoro

The cooperative society, which has been operational for 20 years, intends to expand across the nation and create more technologically advanced but budget-friendly facilities.

The Sacco, which is owned by small-business owners, plans to increase its membership from its current 11,000 to 15,000 by the end of 2023 and complete the year with a Ksh 1 billion asset base.

“We are so eager to connect with every unemployed Kenyan, and we want to make our financial services available to everyone in Kenya.” constrained Osoro

The locally based cooperative society participated in Customer’s Week celebrations alongside other organizations.

Members of Baraka Yetu Sacco benefit from specialized Pamoja savings for investment groups, Christmas savings, and retirement planning, reserve money as well as Toto savings for kids.

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