Kenyans urged to give views on proposed data protection bill

The Ministry of Information and Technology is calling on members of the public to forward their views about the proposed data protection and privacy policy and bill.

ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru says this will among others ensure that the legislation is all inclusive and does not infringe on the Bill of Rights.

This comes in the wake of increased cases of data theft and misuse of personal information by third parties as well as criminal gangs that pose a threat to national security.

A global push to create legislation that safeguards personal data and privacy of users as digital technologies become more omnipresent is rife, and Kenya has not been left behind.

The government setup a task force charged with drafting policy guidelines to ensure that data privacy and protection amid rising concerns over data theft and misuse at both corporate and individual level.

According to the proposed bill, companies will now have to inform users of any personal data they are collecting, the purpose for collecting that data and how long the same will be stored.

The draft law also gives users the right to decline to have their data collected or processed as well as demand to have false data corrected or deleted upon demand.

There are exemptions when companies and agencies will not be required to get consent. As such the ICT ministry is calling for public participation so as to iron out would be issues before it is tabled in parliament.

The draft Data Protection Bill 2018 proposes the establishment of a commission that will handle complaints against individuals and entities.

If passed, Kenya will be the second country in East Africa after Rwanda to have in place a data protection law.


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