Kenyans urged to join political parties to promote ideas

As Kenya gears up for elections next year, citizens have been encouraged to belong to political parties in order to promote their ideas.

“Through their membership in political parties, Kenyans will be able to propagate their ideologies. Every Kenyan has a right to register a political party,” said Registrar of Political Parties Ann Nderitu.

This comes after reports of Kenyans were illegally registered as members of political parties without their consent two months ago.

The Office of the Registrar of Political Parties said that it would carry out an audit of political parties membership registers ahead of 2022 elections and asked Kenyans who found themselves registered to wrong parties to start applying for de-registration.

In an interview with KBC Tuesday on the state of political parties in the country, the Registrar of Political Parties said citizens have a mandate to shape their future based on ideologies and opinion.

“Towards the 2022 general elections, the discussion in the country now is on economic models, whose is more superior to the other. This shows us that the country is moving towards issue and ideological based politics,” said Ann Nderitu.

She added that Kenyans should to desist from leaders spreading hate and division saying they have a role to play in shaping the political conversation.

“The Constitution of Kenya gave power to the people, citizens have a role in shaping the conversation by rejecting what they think can divide them and cause violence,” she said.

On the state of political parties, she noted there are 74 fully registered political parties, with eight that have applied for full registration and about 22 that have provisional registration in the country.

As for the formation of a party, she said a policy document is needed to give reasons why one is forming the party, ideological position, statutes for employees, finances, memberships and interaction with other political parties.

“As far as formation of political parties is concerned it should capture regional balance, ethnic balance, gender and equity within the party. It should have the face of Kenya, people with disabilities, women, old and young,” she remarked.


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