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Kenyans urged to obtain permits for New Year fireworks

According to the Explosives Act, nobody is allowed to hold a public display of fireworks without written consent from an inspector.

In preparation for New Year’s celebrations, the State Department for Mining has issued a firework advisory, urging Kenyans planning to showcase fireworks to obtain permits.

The directive, outlined in accordance with the Explosives Act, emphasizes strict regulations governing the sale and usage of fireworks.

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The department, in a statement on their X handle, directed that officers from the State Department of Mining must be present during any New Year fireworks displays. The measure aims to ensure compliance with safety protocols and mitigate potential risks associated with fireworks.

“It has become a tradition in towns and cities that every New Year’s Eve is marked by spectacular display of fireworks. The thrill and excitement of having the night skies lit by explosion of fire and dazzling lights is an experience fireworks’ enthusiasts look forward to. However, danger always lurks. By their very nature, fireworks are explosives. They are dangerous. Any careless handling has potential to turn into a serious accident, trigger fire outbreaks, cause loss of property and even deaths’ said the statement.

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