Kenyans urged to plant trees to increase forest cover

Kenyans have been urged to take advantage of the anticipated short rains in October and plant trees to increase forest cover in the Country.

According to Dr Kanyingi Sena an environmentalist, forests and trees support sustainable agriculture by stabilizing soils and climate, regulating water flows, giving shade and shelter, and providing a habitat for pollinators and the natural predators of agricultural pests and when integrated judiciously into agricultural landscapes, they increase agricultural productivity.

Sena says planting trees will also help ensure food security for millions of Kenyans even as he argued that agriculture is still the major driver of deforestation globally.

He said Kenyans have been clearing forest and trees in their private farms to create space for farming yet trees are the source of rainfall.

Sena is now calling on all Kenyans to focus on planting trees in their farm and in the institution they work in to help the Government recover forest cover.

This he says will also support President Uhuru Kenyatta’s agenda on food security.

He says Environmental management and rehabilitation strategies are essential in Kenya, as 70% of the country’s workers are employed in agriculture.

In addition to this, Ecotourism makes up nearly 20% of the country’s GDP and if Kenyans protect their forest they will have no problem in future.

Sena advised Kenyans against deforestation and lauded the Government for its efforts to reclaim mau forest.




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