Kenya’s most used emojis

July 17th is World Emoji Day.

The world commemorated its seventh World emoji Day this past Saturday. The unofficial holiday which occurs on July 17th celebrated the popular pictograms which have become a vital part of digital communication. This year, social media giant Facebook, shared the statistics on how the world makes use of emojis.

Globally, it has been determined that women use emojis more than men. Here in Kenya, the most used emojis are; the face with tears of joy, the red love heart, and the rolling on the floor laughing emoji. The popularity of Kenya’s emojis has been based on food and drinks, age and gender.

Rolling on the floor with laughter emoji

The most popular food and drinks emojis are birthday cake, aubergine (eggplant), shortcake, candy, and lollipop.

Birthday cake emoji

The most popular emojis by age are divided into the 18-24 bracket, 25-44, and 45+. Respectively, they are face with tears of joy, love heart and rolling on the floor laughing (18-24), face with tears of joy and love heart (25-44), and love heart , person with folded hands, and face with tears of joy.

Love Heart emoji


By age, face with tears of joy , love heart and rolling on the floor laughing emojis are popular for both men and women.

Tears of joy emoji

Additionally, Facebook messenger has added Soundmojis, a new feature that enables people to send short sound clips in Messenger chat. With the new feature, people will be able to choose from a library of options that range from sound effects (crickets 🦗, clapping , drumroll 🥁, and evil laughter ), to popular song clips.


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